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Leading by Example!

Posted on 18 January 2017

Another proud day – Our national educational team made the commitment to achieve the National Certificate in Nail Technology Level 3. Through the ‘Qualification by Experience’ process with HITO. (HITO – Our nail industry training organisation).
Hi, I’m Maxim Titter CEO, Nail Technician and passionate guardian of surmanti. I believe that to make our nail industry stronger and more profitable we must have one national standard. This standard will demonstrate to the client that we hold our professional standards in the highest regard. The client will be assured that when they frequent a nail professional with this certificate that they will be looked after safely and in a professional manner. (A commercial environment – deliver services within a commercial time frame).
Students will also have the protection of knowing that they are being taught to a National Certificate standard, rather than to the organisations own standards. At surmanti we have made the decision to align with the National Certificate requirements to deliver the exact standards required to our students and Nail Technicians. HITO (our industry training organisation) will assist those that wish to gain the qualification with the assessments required, both theory and practical. Our surmanti Educators have all made the commitment to the National Certificate by undertaking the ‘Qualification by Experience’ process with HITO. Students that have previously trained and have a minimum of three years working in the nail business are able to be assessed from their industry experience. This involves practical assessments from a HITO assessor as well as theory. Any area of shortfall, assignments will be given by the HITO assessor.
Any questions please call Tania Berryman our industry HITO assessor on or call myself – Maxim or Nikki 0800 002 965.
If you are looking to train to become a Nail Technician, give us a call on 0800 002 965 or visit to find out more.

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