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  • Introduction to #CustomColour Gel Polish

Introduction to #CustomColour Gel Polish



The first step in on your nail journey starts right here with the introduction to surmanti #customcolour gel polish. We want you to start with the correct tools right from the beginning, you will receive the same equipment used by trained nail professionals.


You will learn:

 nail anatomy – all the different parts that make up the structure of the nail.

disinfection and sanitisation – how to keep your salon safe from bacteria and fungi by implementing correct procedures.

product care – how to store and care for your nail products and equipment correctly to prevent contamination and product breakdown

introduction to nail art – we will demonstrate the art of stamping , sugaring , foils and the perfect matte finish.

#customcolour gel polish application – we will cover correct nail preparation, how to paint and shape nails accurately.


Includes Kit -

Surmanti Lamp 

Selected #CustomColour Gel x 5  

Sanitize 120ml

Contact Primer 

Base Coat

Top Coat

180gt Files x 2

Manicure Brush

Ready to Go Disinfectant


$399 Plus GST - Total Value $633.63

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