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We focus on consistent emotional connections and what matters most to women. Surmanti reflects the vitality and spirit of women concerned about aging. We make rich to the touch, luxurious, beauty, bath, nail and body care products, without compromise. Our products are crafted fresh in small batches, using ingredients in their pure and raw state, preserving the rich vitamins, minerals and active ingredients within. We’re passionate about the preservation and sustainability of our planet. Our packaging is recyclable and our products are certified vegan and cruelty-free. We use sustainable, harvested, time-tested and organic ingredients whenever possible. We’re committed to your health and use only the safest products available. Our products are free of parabens, sodium lauryl and laureth sulphates, mineral oils, dyes and harmful chemicals so you’ll always get the best, most enduring results.

“Our truly indulgent products will delight your clients’ senses, guaranteeing a memorable and unforgettable experience.”
Simply “Making a difference starts with us”
Join us to make a difference.


Surmanti is a place for sharing and a catalyst for your business and personal growth.

Our Mission is simple: To help women seamlessly integrate their business and personal lives.
We do this by offering effective tools, strategies, skills and techniques combined with an unmatched range of indulgent, anti-ageing natural products, that not only delight the senses, ensuring a memorable and unforgettable client experience, but help you make money like never before. Our world desperately needs more love, optimism and inspiration.
Business is about people: Your clients, your team, your community, your family… It’s about how well you serve them. It’s about sharing, being of service and making a difference in the lives of others… then the money flows.

ABOUT surmanti

We recognise that our clients are a gift; an inspiration for ideas and innovation. We listen, research, test and then seek feedback. That’s how our products have become world famous, because we are constantly refining our products to meet the needs of our clients. Sadly, there’s a real shortage of great business women. Why? Because for many, good is good enough. For others they just don’t know… what they don’t know. Business success is a choice. It is not about being gifted, talented, or more fortunate than others. It’s just about making the right choices, working smart… and associating with others who have successfully mastered their profession.

At surmanti we teach a simple business model, one that works and has done so for nearly two decades. We constantly remind ourselves of the simplicity of the business we are in and keep it that way by doing three vital things:
1. First: implement a proven system using quality products – consistently deliver what you promise.
2. Secondly: to attract, look after and keep clients follow and stick to the plan.
3. Finally: keep expenses down.


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